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01 Jun

There are several websites that can give you information on how to grow cannabis strains like the so-called Big Bud. You can get information on how to germinate the seeds and how to grow them. Some site would also give information on how to dry and cure the Big Bud female plant.

You might wonder why the name Big Bud. This is term is coined for the reason that there is no other strain on the market that can give you a big yield. This strain will give you quality and quantity, plus you do not have to compromise on its THC content.

The background of the female strain is that every seed that you will buy will grow into a female and flowering marijuana plant, meaning, none of this type of seed will be male or seed-producing strains. This strain, even if it appears to come from the USA, was genetically manipulated by the Dutch, making the strain available for growers nowadays. The original lineage of Big Bud is claimed to come from the Skunk and Afghan parents that contain the genetics of Northern Lights. These are the genetics claimed to be the best that would yield high like the Big Bud.

Big Bud has medical properties, and one is indica that relaxes tension in the body. It has other medical properties that will ease muscle soreness or chronic pain, good at inducing drowsiness or sleepiness especially those suffering from insomnia, and in other words, it is a good de-stresser.

Identifying Big Bud is easy and you cannot mistake it for any other buds. The size is bigger than your hand, with colour like deep green, and has brown pistils all over the buds. Another distinct characteristic is that the strain grows with just a few leaves on its plant, with small shiny trichomes all over the big buds as if sprinkled on it.  

Big Bud has other effects. It can lighten the mood of the user thus making the user feeling happy and euphoric. It has a high indica content that will give one a high and relaxing sensation throughout the body. As you use Big Bud, you will feel quite sleepy. Further, smoking this strain gives you an earthy and woody flavours plus a spicy aroma. Overall, Big Bud is said to be the perfect way to relax, whether with your friends, family or alone to enjoy. Check out more about Bud Grow Guide.

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